Brown's Requiem
adapted as "Brown's Requiem"

Brown's Requiem by James Ellroy

Brown's Requiem
James Ellroy

Publisher: Avon
ISBN-10: 0-380-78741-5
ISBN-13: 978-0-380-78741-8
Published: October 1981

Synopsis: Fritz Brown's L.A. -- and his life -- are masses of contradictions, like stirring chorals sung for the dead. A less-than-spotless former cop with a drinking problem -- a private eye-cum repo man with a taste for great music -- he has ben known to wallow in the grime beneath the Hollywood glitter.

But Fritz Brown's life is about to change, thanks to the appearance of a racist psycho who flashes too much cash for a golf caddie and who walked away clean from a multiple murder rap. Reopening this case could be Fritz's redemption; his welcome back to a moral world and his path to a pure and perfect love. But to get there, he must make it through a grim, lightless place where evil has no national borders; where leis beget lies and death begets death; where there's little tolerance for Bach of Beethoven and deadly arson is a lesser mortal sin; and where a P. I.'s unhealthy interest in the past can turn beautiful music into a funeral dirge.

Additional notes: Author's semi-autobiographical first book.

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Brown's Requiem (DVD Cover)

Brown's Requiem
Jason Freeland, Director

Theatrical release date: 02/25/2000
DVD release date: 04/04/2000
Studio: Avalanche

Cast: Fritz Brown (Michael Rooker), Leotis McCarver (Big Daddy Wayne), Bud Meyers (Jack Wallace), Fat Dog (Will Sasso), Jane (Selma Blair), Solly K. (Harold Gould), Cathcart (Brion James), Walter (Kevin Corrigan), Bartender (Ron Barker)

Rating: R
Running time: 104 minutes

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