Exit Wounds
adapted as "Exit Wounds"

Exit Wounds by John Westermann

Exit Wounds
An Orin Boyd Mystery (1st in series)
John Westermann

Publisher: Soho Press
ISBN-10: 0-939149-27-3
ISBN-13: 978-0-939149-27-8
Published: September 1989

Synopsis: The 13th Precinct is the department's dumping ground for misfits, malcontents, and malingerers, and Orin Boyd is one of them. But then, Boyd discovers that someone has bought the precinct -- and doesn't want anyone else to find out!

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Exit Wounds (DVD Cover)

Exit Wounds
Andrzej Bartkowiak, Director

Theatrical release date: 03/13/2001
DVD release date: 08/31/2001
Studio: Warner Bros.

Cast: Orin Boyd (Steven Seagal), Latrell Walker (DMX), George Clark (Isaiah Washington), T.K. Johnson (Anthony Anderson), Lewis Strutt (Michael Jai White), Chief Hinges (Bill Duke), Annette Mulcahy (Jill Hennessy), Henry Wayne (Tom Arnold), Frank Daniels (Bruce McGill), Matt Montini (David Vadim), Trish (Eva Mendes)

Rating: R
Running time: 101 minutes

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