The Getaway
adapted as "The Getaway"

The Getaway by Jim Thompson

The Getaway
Jim Thompson

Publisher: Signet
ISBN-10: 0-679-73250-0
ISBN-13: 978-0-679-73250-1
Published: January 1959

Synopsis: Doc McCoy knows everything there is to know about pulling off the perfect bank job. But there are some things he has forgotten—such as a partner who is not only treacherous but insane and a wife who is still an amateur. Worst of all, McCoy has forgotten that when the crime is big and bloody enough, there is no such thing as a clean getaway.

Additional notes: The information link is to a more recent edition of the book.

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The Getaway (DVD Cover)

The Getaway
Roger Donaldson, Director

Theatrical release date: 02/11/1994
DVD release date: 05/27/1998
Studio: Universal

Cast: Carter "Doc" McCoy (Alec Baldwin), Carol McCoy (Kim Basinger), Rudy Travis (Michael Madsen), Jack Benyon (James Woods), Jim Deer Jackson (David Morse), Fran Carvey (Jennifer Tilly), Harold Carvey (James Stephens), Slim (Richard Farnsworth), Frank Hansen (Philip Seymour Hoffman)

Rating: R
Running time: 115 minutes

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