Hell Hath No Fury
adapted as "The Hot Spot"

Hell Hath No Fury by Charles Williams

Hell Hath No Fury
Charles Williams

Publisher: Gold Medal Books
Published: January 1953

Synopsis: Madox wasn't all bad. He was just half-bad. But trap a man like Madox in a dead-end job in a stultifying small town, introduce him to a femme fatale like the Harshaw woman, and give him a shot at a fast fifteen thousand dollars—in a bank just begging to be knocked over—and his better nature doesn't stand a chance.

Additional notes: B000JK56T6

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The Hot Spot (DVD Cover)

The Hot Spot
Dennis Hopper, Director

Theatrical release date: 10/12/1990
DVD release date: 06/13/2000
Studio: MGM

Cast: Harry Madox (Don Johnson), Dolly Harshaw (Virginia Madsen), Gloria Harper (Jennifer Connelly), Lon Gulick (Charles Martin Smith), Frank Sutton (William Sadler), George Harshaw (Jerry Hardin), Sheriff (Barry Corbin), Deputy Tate (Leon Rippy)

Rating: R
Running time: 129 minutes

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