Just Cause
adapted as "Just Cause"

Just Cause by John Katzenbach

Just Cause
John Katzenbach

Publisher: Putnam
ISBN-10: 0-399-13626-6
ISBN-13: 978-0-399-13626-9
Published: February 1992

Synopsis: Reporter Matt Cowart has seen this before, a letter from a Death Row inmate pleading innocence. Sure, they're all innocent. Young girls are raping and killing themselves all the time. But the more Cowart digs into the case of Robert Earl Ferguson, the more he believes that, as a black man, Ferguson is a victim of hate and prejudice, and that the wrong man is going to be executed.

Cowart lets fly a series of hard-hitting investigative articles that ultimately not only free Ferguson, but win Cowart a Pulitzer. He's a hero, a celebrity, a big-hearted guy -- who has unwittingly set in motion a scenario of horror and death ...

Additional notes: The book cover art is from the 1995 paperback edition.

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Just Cause (DVD Cover)

Just Cause
Arne Glimcher, Director

Theatrical release date: 02/17/1995
DVD release date: 06/22/1999
Studio: Warner Bros.

Cast: Paul Armstrong (Sean Connery), Sheriff Tanny Brown (Laurence Fishburne), Laurie Armstrong (Kate Capshaw), Bobby Earl (Blair Underwood), Blair Sullivan (Ed Harris), Detective T.J. Wilcox (Christopher Murray), Evangeline (Ruby Dee), Kate Armstrong (Scarlett Johansson), Warden (Daniel J. Travanti), McNair (Ned Beatty), Delores Rodriguez (Liz Torres)

Rating: R
Running time: 102 minutes

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