Man on Fire
adapted as "Man on Fire"

Man on Fire by A. J. Quinnell

Man on Fire
A. J. Quinnell

Publisher: William Morrow
ISBN-10: 0-688-03743-7
ISBN-13: 978-0-688-03743-7
Published: September 1980

Synopsis: An American soldier of fortune far from home — alcoholic, burnt out, and broken down — Creasy has accepted a job as a bodyguard just for something to do. An emotionally dead, one-time warrior, he knows that nothing can pierce the hard shell he's built around himself — until the little girl he's been hired to protect somehow breaks through. But having something to care about again in making Creasy vulnerable. And when the unthinkable occurs, a man on fire won't just burn ... he'll explode.

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Man on Fire (DVD Cover)

Man on Fire
Tony Scott, Director

Theatrical release date: 04/21/2004
DVD release date: 05/24/2005
Studio: 20th Century Fox

Cast: Creasy (Denzel Washington), Pita (Dakota Fanning), Samuel (Marc Anthony), Lisa (Radha Mitchell), Rayburn (Christopher Walken), Manzano (Giancarlo Giannini), Mariana (Rachel Ticotin), Fuentes (Jesús Ochoa), Jordan (Mickey Rourke)

Rating: R
Running time: 146 minutes

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