Dividend on Death
adapted as "Michael Shayne Mysteries Volume 1"

Dividend on Death by Brett Halliday

Dividend on Death
A Michael Shayne Mystery
Brett Halliday

Publisher: Henry Holt
ISBN-10: 0-440-00617-1
ISBN-13: 978-0-440-00617-6
Published: January 1939

Synopsis: Michael Shayne debuted in the 1939 novel, Dividend on Death. He subsequently appeared in more than 50 novels, in addition to the hundreds of short stories published in the monthly Michael Shayne Mystery Magazine. In addition to print, Michael Shayne starred in two series of films during the 1940s and three radio programs during the 1940s and '50s. He had his own TV series on NBC, lasting one season (1960-61), and was featured in his own comic book—a three-issue run published in 1961-62. (Information from MikeShayne.com.)

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Michael Shayne Mysteries Volume 1 (DVD Cover)

Michael Shayne Mysteries Volume 1
Eugene Forde, Director

Theatrical release date: 01/10/1941
DVD release date: 03/20/2007
Studio: 20th Century Fox

Cast: Michael Shayne (Lloyd Nolan), Phyllis Brighton (Marjorie Weaver), Marsha Gordon (Joan Valerie), Elliott Thomas (Walter Abel), Aunt Olivia (Elizabeth Patterson), Chief Painter (Donald MacBride), Benny Gordon (Douglass Dumbrille)

Rating: Not Rated
Running time: 70 minutes

Only one of the movies in this DVD set (Michael Shayne: Private Detective) was based on a Halliday novel: Dividend on Death.

The remaining three titles were adapted from other sources:

The Man Who Wouldn't Die is based on No Coffin for the Corpse, a Merlini the Great mystery penned by Clayton Rawson.

Sleepers West was a remake of the 1932 Fox romantic drama Sleepers East.

Blue White and Perfect was based on a pulp series novel by Borden Chase.

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