A Savage Place
adapted as "A Savage Place"

A Savage Place by Robert B. Parker

A Savage Place
A Spenser Mystery (8th in series)
Robert B. Parker

Publisher: Delacorte
ISBN-10: 0-440-08094-0
ISBN-13: 978-0-440-08094-7
Published: January 1981

Synopsis: Boston TV reporter Candy Sloan has eyes the color of cornflowers and legs that stretch all the way to heaven. She also has somebody threatening to rearrange her lovely face if she keeps on snooping into charges of Hollywood racketeering.

Spenser's job is to keep Candy healthy until she breaks the biggest story of her career. But her star witness has just bowed out with three bullets in his chest, two tough guys have doubled up to test Spenser's skill with his fists, and Candy is about to use her own sweet body as live bait in a deadly romantic game -- a game that may cost Spenser his life.

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A Savage Place (DVD Cover)

A Savage Place
Joseph L. Scanlan, Director

Original air date(s): 01/01/1995
DVD release date: 06/28/2005
Studio: Lifetime

Cast: Spenser (Robert Urich), Hawk (Avery Brooks), Candy Sloane (Cynthia Dale), Jessica (Hayley Tyson), Susan Silverman (Wendy Crewson), Sam Felton (Richard Fitzpatrick), Stevenson (Tyrone Benskin), Franco (Michael Ricupero), Spike (Daniel Parker)

Rating: Not Rated
Running time: 90 minutes

The Spenser: The Movie Collection includes Ceremony, The Judas Goat, Pale Kings and Princes, and A Savage Place.

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