Sharky's Machine
adapted as "Sharky's Machine"

Sharky's Machine by William Diehl

Sharky's Machine
William Diehl

Publisher: Delacorte
ISBN-10: 0-385-28869-7
ISBN-13: 978-0-385-28869-9
Published: June 1978

Synopsis: Italy, 1944: A squad of American soldiers on a dangerous secret mission is ambushed and slaughtered ... and a fortune in gold vanishes.

Hong Kong, 1959: An aging American colonel, haunted by his wartime past, is brutally murdered in a luxurious brothel.

Atlanta, 1975: The last survivor of the fatal World War II ambush in Italy is executed at point blank range in a parking lot.

Blowing away a crazed, gun-wielding drug dealer on a crowded city bus gets police detective Sharky bounced from the narc squad into the dreaded dregs of the department-vice. That's where he stumbles on a high-priced call girl and her pimp who are fleecing rich johns in an even higher-priced blackmail scam. Together with his "machine" of hard-bitten vice squad veterans, Sharky closes in for a big sting. He doesn't count on falling for Domino, his alluring target. Or falling into the middle of the murderous design she's a part of-involving a hot presidential candidate, the shadowy multimillionaire who's backing him, and the ice-cold assassin they're using to wipe out the past ... before it blows their future to hell.

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Sharky's Machine (DVD Cover)

Sharky's Machine
Burt Reynolds, Director

Theatrical release date: 12/18/1981
DVD release date: 10/20/1998
Studio: Warner Bros.

Cast: Sgt. Tom Sharky (Burt Reynolds), Victor (Vittorio Gassman), Papa (Brian Keith), Friscoe (Charles Durning), Hotchkins (Earl Holliman), Arch (Bernie Casey), Billy Score (Henry Silva), Nosh (Richard Libertini), Smiley (Darryl Hickman), Dominoe (Rachel Ward)

Rating: R
Running time: 122 minutes

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