A Simple Plan
adapted as "A Simple Plan"

A Simple Plan by Scott Smith

A Simple Plan
Scott Smith

Publisher: Knopf
ISBN-10: 0-679-41985-3
ISBN-13: 978-0-679-41985-3
Published: September 1993

Synopsis: Hank Mitchell -- steady, solid, devoted husband, proud new father. He tells the story.

It begins on a snowy winter afternoon. Hank is driving on a lonely country road with his brother, Jacob, and his brother's pal, when suddenly Jacob's dog leaps into the woods. Following him, the three men come upon the wreckage of a single-engine plane and the body of the pilot. Under the seat they find a duffel bag containing four million dollars in packets of hundred-dollar bills. Shocked, barely able to make sense of what they see, they try to puzzle out the right thing to do. They arrive at a seemingly simple plan, a plan that will enable them to hide, keep, and eventually share the fortune. They believe it will harm no one, put no one at risk.

From the moment the plan is set in motion, Hank's orderly universe begins to crumble. He is constantly on the watch, trying to prevent his partners -- his brother, his brother's pal, and, ultimately, his wife -- from making impulsive or careless moves, triggered by panic or even impatience, that could endanger them all. But soon, himself panicked by his brother's stupidity and confusion, Hank commits a murder.

And his nightmare begins.

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A Simple Plan (DVD Cover)

A Simple Plan
Sam Raimi, Director

Theatrical release date: 12/11/1998
DVD release date: 06/22/1999
Studio: Paramount

Cast: Hank Mitchell (Bill Paxton), Sarah Mitchell (Bridget Fonda), Jacob Mitchell (Billy Bob Thornton), Lou Chambers (Brent Briscoe), Tom Butler (Jack Walsh), Sheriff Carl Jenkins (Chelcie Ross), Nancy Chambers (Becky Ann Baker), Neil Baxter (Gary Cole), FBI Agent Renkins (Bob Davis), FBI Agent Freemont (Peter Syvertsen)

Rating: R
Running time: 121 minutes

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