Simple Simon
adapted as "Mercury Rising"

Simple Simon by Ryne Douglas Pearson

Simple Simon
Ryne Douglas Pearson

Publisher: William Morrow
ISBN-10: 0-688-14296-6
ISBN-13: 978-0-688-14296-4
Published: July 1996

Synopsis: In Chicago's quiet suburbs, sixteen-year-old Simon Lynch is about to become the focus of a global struggle of covert forces. When Simon, an autistic and a savant possessed with mathematical genius, unknowingly cracks the newest, most secure code developed by the National Security Agency, he becomes the innocent target of a deadly plan.

Simon's life depends on an unlikely ally, Special Agent Art Jefferson, the number two man at the FBI's field office in the Windy City. To save Simon, Special Agent Jefferson must face his greatest challenge -- Keiko Kimura, a terrorist as beautiful as she is lethal. But Jefferson soon discovers that he is also being hunted in cyberspace by unknown forces within the intelligence community, forces perhaps closer than he'd like to think. The bond between Art and Simon turns out to be as crucial to their survival as Art's decades of experience in the FBI. Simon lives within his own world of numbers, letters, and words, and to reach him, Art must risk everything or gain nothing. And Simon, too, must learn to look outside himself and trust his new friend.

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Mercury Rising (DVD Cover)

Mercury Rising
Harold Becker, Director

Theatrical release date: 04/03/1998
DVD release date: 07/20/1999
Studio: Universal

Cast: Art Jeffries (Bruce Willis), Lt. Col. Nicholas Kudrow (Alec Baldwin), Simon Lynch (Miko Hughes), FBI Agent Thomas "Bizzi" Jordan (Chi McBride), Stacey Siebring (Kim Dickens), Dean Crandell (Robert Stanton), Leo Pedranski (Bodhi Pine Elfman), Emily Lang (Carrie Preston), Peter Burrell (L. L. Ginter), Stayes (Peter Stormare), FBI Chief Joe Lomax (Kevin Conway), Martin Lynch (John Carroll Lynch), Jenny Lynch (Kelley Hazen)

Rating: R
Running time: 112 minutes

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