A Very Private Gentleman
adapted as "The American"

A Very Private Gentleman by Martin Booth

A Very Private Gentleman
Martin Booth

Publisher: St. Martin's Press
ISBN-10: 0-312-30908-2
ISBN-13: 978-0-312-30908-4
Published: January 2004

Synopsis: The locals in the southern Italian town where he lives call him Signor Farfalla, Mr. Butterfly, for he is a discreet gentleman who paints rare butterflies. His life is inconspicuous -- mornings spent brushing at a canvas, afternoons idling in the cafes, and evening talks with his friend the town priest over a glass of brandy.

Yet there are other sides to this gentleman's life: Clara: the young student who moonlights in the town bordello. And another woman who arrives with $100,000 and a commission, but not for a painting of butterflies.

With this assignment returns the dark fear that has dogged Signor Farfalla's mysterious life. Almost instantly, he senses a deadly circle closing in on him, one which he may or may not elude.

Additional notes: A Very Private Gentleman was first published in the UK by Century in January, 1991.

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The American (DVD Cover)

The American
Anton Corbijn, Director

Theatrical release date: 09/05/2010
DVD release date: 12/28/2010
Studio: Focus Features

Cast: Jack (George Clooney), Clara (Violante Placido), Mathilde (Thekla Reuten), Father Benedetto (Paolo Bonacelli), Pavel (Johan Leysen)

Rating: R
Running time: 105 minutes

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